Funky, stylish & cool female-led branding.

Hi! I'm Lunadesigner and my mission is to help entrepreneurs like you totally shake up the game with branding that shows who you are, stands out against competitors and gets you noticed! Are you ready to go?

A creative studio specialising in Branding, Illustration, Web Design, Social Media & Graphic Design in general.

We understand that design is an important part of every business, big or small. We also know that you’re busy and we want to help you. That’s why, whether you’re looking for a new logo, illustrations, web design or any other graphic design needs, we’re here for you from start to finish and that the process is fluid and pleasant.

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What do they say

Words from some of our clients that fill our soul!

"You are an amazing artist. I thank you every time I see our Instagram. I thank you and I recognize the value you are adding!"

"The work turned out very nice. It transmits the peace and warmth that I was looking for. Without knowing me you captured even the slightest." 

"Your service is excellent. And so are you! Thank you!"

"You are amazing! I love the Instagram feed more and more. You really fell from the sky. FDK loves you. And so do I!

"If you keep helping us sell we are going to steal you away from your other clients!

"You've got me energized with this challenge! My business partner is noticing your success as well. She is very impressed! You are AMAZING and together our team is strong!

"I passed your contact to every collegue who wants to move the networks of their projects, they praised our Instagram sooo much. Thank you for your work. It's flawless."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is always beautiful working with you."

"The work was DIVINE. I will cry 😭🤍 I'm speachless."

"The branding work was worth every penny, it was absolutely great."

A peek at our work

A little example of some of the work done.


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